The Disguisery

Hidden away somewhere in the urban context of Glasgow, The Disguisery shows itself only to those who know to look for it. The gentleman books an appointment online, supplies contact details, and in return is given an address.

When he arrives, he is subtly greeted by the shop’s facade. He enters. His favourite music is playing, he has a drink in his hand; he can now relax, forget the world and know that his needs are taken care of. The shop knows that he is there: it moulds itself to his body, his stature determines the height of the fixtures and fittings.

With his aide’s guidance, he assumes a new identity formed by the cut and colour of the fabrics he chooses to act as a bridge between his body and the exterior. The
traditional scottish lining, which reminds him of his roots, where he lives and where he
belongs, is now reflected back at him when he enters this place again to collect the finished suit.

The Disguisery shows him who has chosen to be, who he now is.

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