Reconciling the Old Firm

Glasgow’s Old Firm — A Dual Force in the City

The infamous rivalry of Rangers and Celtic may not be as visible as it used to be, but underneath the skin of the city of Glasgow, a tension still exists. The proposed journey of reconciliation creates a visible link between the two stadia and is comprised of eleven moments; designed to remember, to understand, to heal and to forgive.

The concept begins with a circular void in the ground that forms an exterior threshold. Once a participant passes over the intangible line, they enter into a sacred interior space. From this void a vertical element grows and makes the invisible visible. The verticality encourages physical postures of humility, openness, giving, unity, and peace, and at the final moment — located in the geographical mid-point between the two stadia — fans from both sides come together to meet in a posture of reconciliation.

The uniting of a city; a city no longer divided.

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