Leith Foyer

2. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugstercopy


To design a Foyer comprising 84 bedrooms, canteen & kitchen, creche, performance space, resource centre and meeting rooms.

8. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster

The project began as most projects do, by surveying the site, researching and learning about the local area of Leith, and researching the importance of the Foyer scheme. It was key to understand the users and their needs.


The boundaries of the site dictated the shape of the building, therefore creating a large outdoor space in the centre to create spaces for communal activities, peaceful solitary moments, and ample gardening opportunities.

5. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster

I knew that I wanted to work with simple, natural materials for the cladding, but I also chose to use colour within the windows to act a ribbon wrapping itself around the building’s exterior, bringing about beauty and intrigue.

6. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster

On the roof: more greenspace. A place to gather, to garden, to survey the surrounding area and to achieve a feeling of peace and perspective.

9. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster

The one-person bedrooms, located on the upper levels of the main buildings, are fitted with bespoke furniture within, and wooden shutters on their road-facing exterior, both for privacy and to show to the world the feeling of movement and life that exists within.

6. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster copy

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