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The Water of Leith is a beauty that spans across the city of Edinburgh, from west to north; starting at Balerno and ending in Leith. While on a site visit to the Leith-end of the river, I couldn’t help but notice the number of people jogging past — both alone and in groups, walking their dog, commuting from home to work, or walking leisurely with a friend. It appeared to be a well-used and well-loved, however it was a thoroughfare, not a destination.

To design a functional, useable intervention for the Water of Leith, Edinburgh, that serves the community.


Taking inspiration from my time in Helsinki, Finland, where some forests and wooded areas come equipped with their own gym, my proposal for the chosen site was to create a dynamic structure that could house multiple exercise stations.


Shape of the Structure
Tracing over a map and locating the positions of the trees brought about the shape of the structure. Drawing inspiration from the randomness of nature was key to the success of this project.

12. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster

The reclaimed timber sleepers and corten steel structure brings together the man-made and the natural, lending a feeling of purpose and of intrigue.

13. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster
Hand-drawn axonometric

The structure sits well amidst its surroundings. It provides shelter, opportunity, inspiration, motivation and a space for the people of Leith to come together and engage in group training and community.

14. MA Portfolio Submission Eleanor Eugster
Section | Elevation







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