Note to self: find the light

Unemployment feels like a long dark tunnel. You’re walking through, never sure if it will end, each glimmer of hope and optimism that comes your way in the shape of an interview or a significant conversation can be extinguished in a second, and then it’s back to the tireless slog of being vulnerable, putting yourself and your CV out there again and again.

How does one begin to find the light? By remembering, first of all, what it is you’re searching for and asking what is truly important in your life.

And secondly, by enjoying the simple things in life: walks with the dog, training for the half marathon, bike rides through the countryside, reading inspirational books (hello, Brene Brown), listening to hilarious and informative podcasts (I’m looking at you, RHLSTP, Adam Buxton and The Guilty Feminist. At times it feels as though I’m not making any progress, that I’m stagnating and wasting time, but maybe that’s not the case. Maybe this experience is happening for me to learn about myself (although I’m convinced I’ve learned enough…) and to figure out exactly what I want. To take the time to come across talented interior and spatial designers and studios whose work I can aspire to and be inspired by.

I’m still looking for the light. I haven’t quite found it yet, but it might be starting to appear on the horizon. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll soon be sitting in the bright and restorative sunlight once again.

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