A new beginning

This website malarkey is harder than it looks, it seems, but slowly slowly I am coming round to the ways of WordPress and here we now are! The purpose of this site has changed since I initially set it up those many moons ago. Back in September ’15 I began a blog to chronicle my time on the Master’s programme at GSA, but being the person I am meant that I could only feasibly focus my attentions on one project at a time, and as such this blog fell by the wayside. Now, however, I am at a time in my life where I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do next career-wise, and am feeling a little lost. Elle s’appelle will give me a focus, some structure, and a reason to look at beautiful interior design and architecture to exercise those design-minded muscles again.

The website will most likely deviate from design ever-so-slightly, and venture into the world of events and hospitality as that side of life is such a passion of mine. Check out the Let’s Cook section for recipes, tips and links to making life that little be tastier.


E x

P.s. There’s also a sneaky Portfolio section there showcase for my work, keeping it nice and tidy in one place on the internet, and not just within my computer.


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